Is your mind on overdrive?

Is perfectionism driving you to exhaustion? Do you constantly ruminate, analyse and interpret situations? Do you re-play past events and try to predict outcomes?

Join Australia’s leading performance mindset coach Emma Murray for a masterclass on how to tame your overthinking mind. You will learn tools to override your unhelpful overthinking and how to achieve greater control and clarity over your thoughts. PLUS, you'll gain access to three bonus breathing exercises recorded by Emma.

Bonus material

Listen as Emma guides you through a recorded breathing routine - she's created three for you to try!


    The purpose of this breathing exercise is to give your attention a job so it can no longer ‘hang out’ in the B-Game exploring problems and creating stories. It’s great to use just to ground your attention in the present moment at the start of the day or before an important meeting… or whenever you feel your attention has drifted.


    Think of this breathing routine as a way to take the rubbish out of your mind so the “crap” doesn’t build up. If you want to reduce stress, aim to complete your Take 5 breathing routine at multiple times throughout the day. Perhaps when you wake up, take a shower, before you eat or when you shut your laptop at the end of the day.


    This is a game-changer when it comes to performance anxiety, nerves, jitters and fears. Box breathing was created by the Navy Seals and was designed to literally switch off the fight or flight response.

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