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Just as you train your body to perform better in your sport, or your voice to perform better in a performance, you can train your mind to help bring out your best in your studies. And that's what this HPM Course - Senior School Students is all about - helping you to perform at your best during your final years of school - and life beyond. You'll learn the same simple tips and tricks that have helped AFL teams win premierships, race car drivers win championships and Olympians achieve Gold medal success. And they will also help you deliver your 'PB' at school!

In addition to the 8-module HPM course you'll receive 12-month access to:


    If you need some simple strategies to overcome the things that are stressing you out, our Help Me videos have got you covered! These short videos help you tackle the most common challenges faced by students with step-by-step actions to overcome them - like managing overwhelm, how to recover from a mental blank, letting go of a poor result, conquering exam day nerves and implementing a 45-minute study plan. Watch them whenever you need some support to move past what's troubling you.


    Hear from some of your sporting heroes on how they use the tools of High Performance Mindfulness to give them their performance edge and achieve their success - including AFL players, Olympians, Motorsport champions , Test cricketers and others.


    Don't knock it till you've tried it! Visualisations and meditations are the secrets to success of many of the world's most successful people. They work because they tap into the subconscious part of your mind and help you imagine that your goal is already complete. Emma's guided visualisations and breathing exercises are designed to specifically help students improve performance by enhancing your motivation, confidence and also by helping to reduce any fear or anxiety.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

  • 2

    Interactive Workbook

    • Interactive Workbook

  • 3

    Module 1 - Control Your Mindset To Own Your Skillset

    • Introduction

    • How Unhelpful Thoughts Can Sabotage Performance

    • Student Voice

    • Workbook Break

    • Introduction to A-Game and B-Game

    • Daily Practice

    • Module Resources

  • 4

    Module 2 - It's All About Awareness

    • Introduction

    • The Secret Is Shifting Mindsets

    • Workbook Break

    • Student Voice

    • Cate Campbell catches her attention

    • Discovering Your A-Game

    • Workbook Break

    • Student Voice

    • Discovering Your B-Game

    • Workbook Break

    • Student Voice

    • Oscar Piastri talks A-Game/B-Game

    • Noticing The Key Differences Between Your A-Game and B-Game

    • Workbook Break

    • Building Your Self Awareness

    • Daily Practice

    • Module Resources

  • 5

    Module 3 - The Caveman Mind

    • Introduction

    • One Focus - One Flashlight

    • Dylan Grimes talks about his flashlight

    • Workbook Break

    • Student Voice

    • Shining Light On The Good Stuff

    • Workbook Break

    • Moving Your Flashlight

    • Workbook Break

    • Catch Your B-Game

    • Morgan Mitchell discusses her B-Game warning signs

    • Daily Practice

    • Module Resources

  • 6

    Module 4 - Stopping The B-Game Loop

    • Introduction

    • Introducing The STOP Tool

    • Scott McLaughlin calls STOP!

    • Workbook Break

    • Student Voice

    • The Power Of Acceptance

    • Morgan Mitchell calls STOP!

    • Daily Practice

    • Module Resources

  • 7

    Module 5 - It's Time To Breathe

    • Introduction

    • Just Take A Breath

    • Will Pucovski - The Power of the Breath

    • Workbook Break

    • Scott McLaughlin on breath

    • Student Voice

    • Daily Breath Practice

    • Daily Practice

    • Module Resources

  • 8

    Module 6 - Where's Your Focus?

    • Introduction

    • Motion Changes Emotion

    • Jack Riewoldt’s Physical Shift

    • Workbook Break

    • Student Voice

    • Creating Your Can-do Mantra

    • Student Voice

    • Cate Campbell's Performance 'Persona'

    • Will Pucovski’s Can-do Mantra

    • Workbook Break

    • Daily Practice

    • Module Resources

  • 9

    Module 7 - Overcoming Overwhelm

    • Introduction

    • Progress with A-Game Action

    • Workbook Break

    • Chunking Down A New Habit

    • Workbook Break

    • Action A New Habit

    • Daily Practice

    • Module Resources

  • 10

    Module 8 - Setting Yourself Up For Success

    • Introduction

    • A-Game Study Plan

    • Workbook Break

    • A-Game Big Moment Plan

    • My Mind Map

    • Student Voice

    • Next Steps

    • Keep In Touch

    • Module Resources

  • 11

    'Help me...' videos

  • 12

    Interview Library

  • 13

    Visualisations and Meditations

    • Sleep guided visualisation

    • Bodyscan meditation

    • A-Game/B-Game guided visualisation

    • 5 senses recorded mindfulness activity

    • Acceptance Mind and Body guided visualisation

    • Can-do Mantra guided visualisation

    • Overcoming Overwhelm guided meditation

    • Using Gratitude to Create Your Best Day guided visualisation

    • Pre-performance guided visualisation

    • Pre-study block 2-3min guided visualisation

    • Pre-exam guided visualisation

    • Memory enhancing guided visualisation

    • Physical anchor guided visualisation

    • Take 5 Breathing

    • 3,4,5 Breathing

    • 4,7,8 Breathing

    • Box Breathing

  • 14


    • The Important Relationship Between Skillset and Mindset

    • A-Game Thoughts, Feelings, Actions - Descriptive Prompts

    • A-Game/B-Game Key Definitions

    • Acceptance Statement Examples

    • B-Game Thoughts, Feelings, Actions - Descriptive Prompts

    • B-Game Warning Sign Checklist

    • Can-do Mantra Examples

    • Chunking Down

    • Physical Shift Examples

    • STOP Statement Examples



Emma’s program really hit the mark in helping our students switch on their A-Game to excel in their final months of VCE. Emma’s content was engaging, accessible and highly relevant. She skilfully translated complex theory into simple language and concepts that ‘stuck’ with our students, and her real world, VCE-specific examples were excellent. Feedback from our school community was really positive and was the highlight of our program offerings in 2020. We are excited to continue to further embed the HPM program with our class of 2021.

Jack, Brighton Grammar School Captain 2020

The HPM course helped me on many different levels throughout year 12. It enabled me to understand how to balance my studies with my extracurricular activities in a way that made me feel prepared and organised. It also really helped me manage feelings of stress and overwhelm. I would highly recommend the course to other VCE students if they want to get the most out of their studies and personal capabilities.

Hopper, Wesley College

I completed the HPM course last year during my year 12 studies. Learning how to master my A-Game to help me deliver my best really helped when it came to my SACs and end of year exams, but it also helped me in my sport when under the pressure to perform.

Neha - Yr 11 student Yarra Valley Grammar

I've come to understand that my mindset really does play an important role in not only my studies but my everyday life. I'm more focused and now know how to manage my stress levels during exam time since doing the course.

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