Learn the High Performance Mindfulness tools that Emma Murray has used to guide AFL teams to premiership glory, Olympic athletes to the podium, Australian cricketers to Test debuts and motorsport drivers to championships. This self-paced program contains 8 online video modules - only 15-20 minutes each. We recommend you do them over a 4-8 week period - 1-2 modules per week. In addition to the core course modules, there are valuable resources to help you throughout your 365-day subscription including a library of interviews with Emma's athletes and powerful visualisations and breathing routines to help you perform at your best.


Dylan Grimes

Richmond co-captain

I honestly wouldn't be where I am without Emma. She's been nothing short of life changing, career changing and has had such an impact on me as a player and a person. Her game intuition is more valuable than my own.

Jakara Anthony

Australian Gold Medal Olympic Mogal Skier

Emma helped me when I was at my lowest of lows, I was drowning and her High Performance Mindfulness gave me the tools to get my head above water and restart my sporting journey. A moment in time that I am so grateful for. Emma was the catalyst for change that I needed so badly.

Scott McLaughlin

Supercars & Indy Cars champion

From the very first meeting with Emma, she had answers where I didn’t have answers before. Now I was clear on what had happened when I blew up in my race and I had solutions to make it better next time. That’s what I was truly excited about... She had that belief and trust in my ability and what I could do and said if I stuck to what she taught me I could come back stronger... and I certainly did.

Sophie Garbin

Australian Diamonds Netball

High Performance Mindfulness has helped me grow my self-awareness in a way that enables me to catch my unhelpful thoughts and switch into a more helpful A-Game mindset. It has definitely given me the mental tools to manage set-backs and regulate my reactions much more effectively than I could previously.

Will Pucovski

Youngest Australian Test Cricketer

Not only did Emma change the way I go about my cricket, she changed my whole life.

Maddy Turner

NSW Swifts and Australian Diamonds Netballer

I feel this work has given me a mental edge as an athlete and a person. I now have the tools to help me stay in the moment and manage pressure and expectation – not only on court, but off-court in my work and family life. Learning the techniques to hold my focus on my strengths in high pressure moments has really enabled me to play my best netball.

Is this course for me?

High Performance Mindfulness is for anyone who plays sport and wants to learn how to bring their best in each and every performance moment. Perhaps that's your social golf game, or your local fun run or your social tennis match. The HPM tools that help elite athletes perform at their best on the big stage will also help you no matter what level you’re at.

Hear how HPM has helped Olympic champion Cate Campbell

Program Resources


    Emma's guided breathing exercises will help you switch off your fight or flight response and ground your focus in the moment.


    Hear from some of Emma's elite athletes on how they apply the tools of High Performance Mindfulness to prepare themselves for competition.


    Visualisations and meditations are the secrets to success of many of the world's elite athletes. This program includes powerful visualisations recorded by Emma for you.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

  • 2

    Interactive Workbook

    • HPM_SportProgramWorkbook_Active

  • 3

    Module 1 - Control Your Mindset To Own Your Skillset

    • The Power of the Mind

    • Module Resources

  • 4

    Module 2 - It's All About Awareness

    • Self Awareness is Key

    • Module Resources

  • 5

    Module 3 - Where's Your Focus?

    • One Focus - One Flashlight

    • Module Resources

  • 6

    Module 4 - It Starts With STOP

    • Introducing The STOP Tool

    • Module Resources

  • 7

    Module 5 - The 'O' In STOP

    • Are You Ready To Shift?

    • Module Resources

  • 8

    Module 6 - Progress with A-Game Action

    • Stepping Into Your A-Game

    • Module Resources

  • 9

    Module 7 - Setting Yourself Up For Success

    • Preparation is Everything!

    • Module Resources

  • 10

    Module 8 - Performance Time

    • Managing the Demon of Expectation

    • Module Resources

    • My Mind Map

    • Next Steps

  • 11

    Athlete Interviews

  • 12

    Visualisations and Breathing Routines

    • Sleep guided visualisation

    • Acceptance Mind and Body guided visualisation

    • Pre-performance guided visualisation

    • Bodyscan meditation

    • A-Game/B-Game guided visualisation

    • 5 senses recorded mindfulness activity

    • Can-do Mantra guided visualisation

    • Overcoming Overwhelm guided meditation

    • Using Gratitude to Create Your Best Day guided visualisation

    • Physical anchor guided visualisation

    • Take 5 Breathing

    • 3,4,5 Breathing

    • 4,7,8 Breathing

    • Box Breathing

This course will help you:

  • Regain focus under fatigue and pressure

  • Accept and embrace the learning opportunity in mistakes

  • Maintain focus on the process

  • Identify and apply your strengths when it matters most

  • Understand and overcome the demon of expectation

  • Tackle distraction of outcomes

  • Manage the physical and emotional pain of injuries and stress related set-backs

  • Improve performance and skill execution

  • Overcome fear of failure

  • Improve emotional regulation in “nerve-racking” big moments