A-Game Exams

This program includes a 60 minute pre-recorded webinar: Bring Your A-Game to Your Exams, plus several key resources designed to help students excel in exams and assessments - including Emma’s one-page exams tip sheet, our top 10 ‘Help Me’ videos – offering simple strategies to overcome the things that are stressing you out, plus four guided breathing exercises and more. Note: If you have already purchased the HPM Course for Senior Students, then you already have access to all of these resources! A-Game Exams

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

  • 2

    'Help me...' videos

  • 3


    • Pre-exam guided visualisation

    • Memory enhancing guided visualisation

    • Overcoming Overwhelm guided meditation

    • Sleep guided visualisation

    • Bodyscan meditation

    • Pre-study guided visualisation

  • 4

    Breathing Routines

    • Take 5 Breathing

    • 3,4,5 Breathing

    • 4,7,8 Breathing

    • Box Breathing



Emma’s program really hit the mark in helping our students switch on their A-Game to excel in their final months of VCE. Emma’s content was engaging, accessible and highly relevant. She skilfully translated complex theory into simple language and concepts that ‘stuck’ with our students, and her real world, VCE-specific examples were excellent. Feedback from our school community was really positive and was the highlight of our program offerings in 2020. We are excited to continue to further embed the HPM program with our class of 2021.

Jack, Brighton Grammar School Captain 2020

The HPM course helped me on many different levels throughout year 12. It enabled me to understand how to balance my studies with my extracurricular activities in a way that made me feel prepared and organised. It also really helped me manage feelings of stress and overwhelm. I would highly recommend the course to other VCE students if they want to get the most out of their studies and personal capabilities.

Hopper, Wesley College

I completed the HPM course last year during my year 12 studies. Learning how to master my A-Game to help me deliver my best really helped when it came to my SACs and end of year exams, but it also helped me in my sport when under the pressure to perform.